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Beverages & Packaging

Primarily through our LeafLAB, SWM transforms a range of natural fibers into plant-based, paper-like product materials that can be used in a variety of applications. When applying the same proprietary reconstitution technology and proven production capabilities that we have perfected for other applications to a wide array of plants and plant by-products, such as teas and various herbs and flowers, we create an innovative portfolio of original materials. These materials, ideally suited for the beverage and packaging markets, capture the natural attributes and experience-enhancing sensory elements that today's consumers want, while delivering improved product performance and expanded options for our customers.

  • Revolutionary Tea Formats

    SWM’s InFuzeTM tea product is a patented material made from teas and herbs, offering enhanced infusion performance, new delivery options and product innovation possibilities for hot and cold applications. Integrate Infuze™ into your traditional blend (tea bag, pods, etc.), or we can develop a truly new format just for you.

  • Custom-Made Packaging Materials

    Our specialty papers, made of botanical by-products, create a new category of materials for the packaging industry. Perfect for the food, cosmetics and luxury packaging sectors, these plant-based papers offer natural appeal and custom options to help brands differentiate their products through premium positioning and memorable packaging.

  • A New Range of Options

    We revitalize botanical fibers to use as the pulp component for specialty and sensory paper materials. These ecologically efficient fibers, made of plant by-products like cocoa shells, spent tea leaves, coffee chaffs, beer grain, wine pomace, and coconut shells, are ideal for specialty paper and cardboard manufacturers who want something truly innovative.

  • Beverage Applications

    We are proud to offer Infuze™, a patented, revolutionary tea material, offering enhanced infusion properties that contribute to the perfect cup of tea—hot or cold! InFuze™ delivers revolutionary taste, convenient delivery and brew options in multiple formats, including high-quality, ready-to-drink options.
  • Sensory Packaging

    Our packaging options are distinct thanks to the botanical materials used to manufacture them. These packaging materials elevate your product with custom-made papers that highlight the look, feel and smell of natural ingredients—while delivering performance criteria to meet you specific needs.
  • Cocoa Paper ™

    Cocoa Paper™ is a new range of food contact materials made essentially of recycled cocoa shells. Using our patented botanical technology, we transform cocoa husks into creative packaging materials that offer distinctive, affordable options with a premium feel. A range of concepts are available and offer a perfect match for luxury, all-natural food packaging.
  • A Range of Botanical Options

    Thanks to our technologies and know-how, we can work with a diverse range of botanical fibers to create truly unique materials for our customers. From flowers to food and medicinal plants, our proprietary process can produce a virtually endless number of custom packaging options—and even cosmetic applications. One-of-a-kind options are available.