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Our portfolio of fiber and resin-based technology serves the energy industry with a variety of engineered papers, nettings and films. For instance, surface protection is increasingly important in the realm of renewable energy. When the leading edges of wind turbine blades are exposed to environmental elements, high speeds and harsh conditions, performance can be compromised, which can reduce energy production and lead to costly repairs. Our leading edge protection, based on the same technology used in the aerospace industry to protect helicopter blades, maintains turbine efficiency, reduces downtime and maintenance, and extends the useful life of blades - even in the harshest environments.

  • Everyday Products at Work

    Thanks to our legacy of paper-making excellence, we serve a growing number of industries that rely on highly engineered fiber-based components for their products. In fact, many of our materials are found in household products that are used every day, such as our battery separator paper that is in leading alkaline battery products around the world.

  • Surface Protection for Energy Efficiency

    When extreme conditions call for extreme performance, ArgoGuard® is the answer. This uncoated thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) paint and surface protection film provides durable, strong edge protection to shield turbine blades and protect damage from exposure to environmental elements, high speeds, and harsh conditions.

  • Engineered Energy Solutions

    Customers worldwide look to us to not only to supply high-performance material solutions but also to help them solve the challenges of the modern world. Unlike other suppliers, we have the expertise, capability and willingness to create fiber and resin-based materials to meet your specific energy application requirements.

  • Clean and Clear Glass Lamination

    The clear choice for optical interlayer films, our ArgoBond® TPU, and EVA glass lamination films provide unmatched optical clarity, lay flat, and overall consistent quality. These industry-leading films can be used across a diverse range of window and glass applications, from increasing insulation in electronics to switchable glass composites.
  • Leading Edge Protection

    Our ArgoGuard® film provides strong edge protection to protect surfaces from exposure to extreme conditions. When installed on the leading edge of wind turbine blades, this durable thermoplastic polyurethane surface protection film prevents damage caused by environmental elements that compromise performance and reduce energy production resulting in costly repair.
  • Extruded Netting for Composite Flow

    Our Naltex® Resin Distribution netting is an excellent flow media for advanced composite fabrication technologies, including resin infusion and transfer molding processes. The biplanar design of this mesh provides consistent channels that can increase flow rates while evenly distributing resin over simple and complex surfaces.