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With over 70 years of experience manufacturing niche filtration components, we excel at customizing products to exact customer specifications. Our focus on advancing the filtration industry through technology and innovation is evident in our diverse product lines, which are recognized worldwide for their superior performance in demanding applications. Our experienced engineers and development teams work closely with technical sales to find solutions for evolving industry demands. We continuously provide high-quality, high-purity, temperature-resistant, chemically stable resins, to meet the most demanding applications and to implement improvements, which offer competitive advantages to our customers.

  • Trusted Leader in Reverse Osmosis Technology

    When it comes to feed spacer technology, we are best in class with over 30 years of experience manufacturing Reverse Osmosis (RO) feed spacers. Our premier line of Naltex® Netting is one of the most trusted around the globe for performance and reliability in this application. We also serve the RO market with our industry-leading Coretec® Machined Center Tubes.

  • Capture Dust Through Attraction

    Our line of Alphastar™ Electrostatic Media is a highly efficient material used in air filtration applications. Attracting particles through a proprietary blend of positive and negatively charged media, this allows the product to deliver high efficiency with reduced pressure drop.

  • Liquid Filtration Innovation

    Our Naltex® Rigid Tubing technology can be used as a replacement for metal mesh tubing. Naltex® Netting can be used as a core or cage in liquid filtration applications. This tubing is used to support and protect pleated filtration material.

  • Reverse Osmosis Filtration

    Almost 1 billion people will not have access to drinkable water by 2025. Our premier line of Naltex® Netting supports and protects membranes in Reverse Osmosis (RO) filters to help keep water clean. Our brand of feed water spacers is the most trusted by filtration customers for performance and reliability.
  • Air Filtration

    We offer a variety of products which support the air filtration market. DelPore® Meltblown Media, produced to achieve high efficiency and narrow mean pore distribution, was developed specifically for surgical masks, respirators and HVAC filters. Additional products included in this line are Alphastar™ Electrostatic Media, DelPore Apertured Film, and Naltex Netting.
  • Liquid Filtration

    The liquid filtration market demands high-quality products to support their unique markets. Our Filtration Media can support anything from beer & wine filtration to liquid process filtration applications.
  • Automotive Filtration

    The automotive industry relies on manufacturers to create reliable oil, cabin air and gas filters, among others. Our premium line of filtration components allows these type of filters to work effectively.