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To address the growing demand for performance, reduced cost, and reliability of medical devices and healthcare applications, design engineers are increasingly using high-performance polymers. We can serve as your single-source medical solutions provider for your medical application design requirements. Our comprehensive portfolio includes thermoplastic polyurethane films, nets, nonwovens, tubes,and laminate composites. Medical grade films are used for liquid and viral barriers, wound dressings, transdermal components, and waterproof-breathable medical textiles. Thermoplastic nets, nonwovens, and laminate composites provide solutions for applications ranging from blood filtration to advanced surgical wound care. Extruded tubing can be utilized for medical devices and as components in liquid chromatography.

  • Stretch, Strength and Flexibility

    We manufacture unique thermoplastic materials that serve as trusted components in a range of healthcare applications. Through continuous R&D efforts, we are enhancing medical technologies worldwide. Our engineered composites include our signature collection of laminate pad stock items, utilized in most of the finger bandages produced worldwide.

  • Surgically Sound Materials

    Our wide portfolio of healthcare products is incorporated into a variety of surgical disposables, including facemasks, drapes, and gowns. Engineering solutions for the industry include fine mesh apertured film. The flexible, breathable material allows for precise rates of permeability when used as a structural layer in surgical drapes, gowns, and facemasks.

  • Framed for Performance

    Our revolutionary film-on-paper with controlled release for the medical wound care marketplace set an industry benchmark standard. This versatile film meets target peel values to provide the proper peel release properties to allow kiss-cutting the windows from the frame. A viable, cost-effective film-on-paper option for the medical industry.

  • Advanced Wound Care

    Found in most leading wound care products, our breathable flexible films are based on TPU technology suitable for advanced wound care applications, such as post-op dressings, IV dressings, incise drapes, NPWT drapes and hydrocolloid backings.
  • Medical Filtration Solutions

    Our DelPore® Meltblown Media is most recognized for its success in filtration applications, including medical facemasks. With DelPore's liquid grades, customers get gradient density structures to filter various fluids, including pharmaceutical and biological agents. Our Alphastar™ Needle Punch Electrostatic Media is ideal for respirators and also used as a filtration component in breathing circuitry and CPAP devices.
  • Flexible Gels, Absorbent Foams

    Our super absorbent foams are waterproof, breathable and painless upon removal from the skin. We can vary the level of foam adhesion, thickness, absorption and clarity to fit specific customer specifications. Our medical gels are a preferred option for scar reduction and used on burns, types of ulcers, and moderate to high exuding wounds.
  • Medical Grade Films and Sheet

    Recognized for consistency and reliability, ArgoMed® medical grade thermoplastic polyurethane films and sheet offer many benefits to patients and hospital staff. Used in a range of applications, our advanced materials provide design flexibility for product designers, manufacturers, laminators and adhesive coaters to meet stringent performance requirements.
  • Polyurethane Performance Technology

    Custom-engineered, high-performance thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films and sheet, ArgoThane® is a comprehensive line of general and specialty films engineered to fulfill the demands of today’s global specialty films marketplace. If a standard grade does not meet your medical application needs, we can develop a custom engineered solution just for you.
  • Finger Bandages

    Our brand of Stratex® Composites can be found in most of the finger bandages produced worldwide. We have the ability to combine up to five layers of facings and substrates, without chemical adhesives. We can create structures to meet defined absorbency, loft, wicking, repellency, and release and barrier characteristics. We have the ability to offer pads impregnated with an antimicrobial or antiseptic material.