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As the tobacco industry becomes increasingly competitive and focused on harm reduction, we continue to offer cigarette designers an array of performance characteristics and options in cigarette paper and tobacco applications that enable them to differentiate their products while meeting the most stringent regulatory, industry and consumer demands. Our innovative Lower Ignition Propensity ("LIP") papers are specifically designed to meet safety performance standards and reduce the likelihood of fire-without compromising the important product attributes important to consumers. And our pioneering Reconstituted Tobacco Leaf is widely use throughout the tobacco industry for dependable blend construction.

  • Committed to You

    Our tobacco customers depend on us for solutions in an ever-changing, complex industry. We are committed to widening the gap with our competitors by delivering more innovation and options than ever before. Our commitment to you has never been stronger.


    Say "goodbye" to solvents. Our Alginex® water-based technology uses an all-natural alginate solution derived from seaweed-a common thickening ingredient used in the food industry-instead of harsh solvents. This proven aqueous coating virtually eliminates the potential negative taste characteristics often associated with solvent coatings.


    As the tobacco industry evolves, so does our product portfolio. We are working hard on next-generation products and emerging applications, like heat-not-burn, to stay ahead of trends and regulations. With our new, state-of-the-art OneFiber Lab, we are accelerating development efforts and innovation specifically for the tobacco-market.

  • Cigarette Paper Applications

    We produce a wide variety of Cigarette Papers to meet our customers' most exacting needs and specifications, including stringent regulatory requirements. These offer our customers a range of product differentiation attributes and options that is virtually unlimited.
  • LIP Paper

    Paper for Lower Ignition Propensity (LIP) cigarettes is now a rapidly growing requirement in more and more markets. We are an industry leader in this category thanks to our groundbreaking Alginex® water-based technology, which enables cigarette manufacturers to meet regulatory requirements without interfering in the smoking experience their consumers seek.
  • Cigar Applications

    Manufacturers of machine-made cigars utilize our wrapper and binder products, both made from reconstituted tobacco. Binder holds the tobacco filler in a cylindrical shape during production. Wrapper covers the outside of the cigar, providing a uniform, finished appearance.
  • Reconstituted Tobacco Leaf (RTL)

    A mainstay of the industry and a strategic component of blending, RTL is a filler formed from tobacco leaf remnants and byproducts into a highly uniform component that permits our customers to achieve blend consistency and taste signature—elements designed into cigarettes which are critical to market success.
  • Porowrap® Porous Plug Wrap

    Our pioneering technological advances led to the development of Porowrap® Porous Plug Wrap, which in turn created an entirely new category within the industry. It has rapidly become an essential filter component for ventilated cigarettes.
  • Other Tobacco Related Paper Products

    We are one of the world's largest and most reliable manufacturers of Standard Plug Wrap and Base Tipping Paper, two essential components of the industry.
  • Commercial and Industrial Products

    We design and supply a wide variety of papers for a broad cross section of applications and industries. These include everything from battery separators to lightweight printing and writing papers, from base papers for furniture laminates to drinking straws.
  • FlaxStalk™

    We are North America's most reliable source of agricultural biomass made from processed flax and hemp straw. FlaxStalk™ natural fiber solutions are models of sustainability and are used in cigarette manufacturing as well as numerous other applications.