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We conduct our business in a complex world, where cultures and business practices can vary widely. But our constant goal is fair play for all parties, individuals and organizations alike. We believe that adhering to clearly articulated rules and procedures makes this possible. It promotes greater understanding while providing the foundation essential for strong business relationships and continued commercial success. What's more, we have found that around the world, responsible individuals and firms share in that belief.

Code of Conduct
SWM Global Code of Conduct | pdf

SWM Code of Conduct_Portuguese | pdf

SWM Code of Conduct _ French | pdf

SWM Code of Conduct_Polish | pdf

SWM Code of Conduct_Chinese | pdf

Committee Charters
Audit Committee Charter | pdf

Corporate Governance Guidelines | pdf

Compensation Committee Charter | pdf

Independence Standard for Directors | pdf

Nominating and Governance Committee Charter | pdf

Safe Harbor Policy
Regulation Fair Disclosure Policy | pdf