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We create precision-engineered solutions for the critical components that are vital to your finished products. Select a market to discover solutions tailored specifically to you.

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We are a prime manufacturer of engineered papers designed for a diverse mix of applications outside the tobacco industry. These papers are often composed of a fiber blend and sold directly to end-users or to converters who fabricate them into finished products from battery separator paper to lightweight printing and writing papers, from base papers for furniture laminates to drinking straw wrap.

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We're Taking Paper to New Heights

We continue to innovate and find new uses for paper in new applications. For those markets where consistent high quality and service are important factors, such as battery separator paper, we have established ourselves as a prime supplier. In price-sensitive sectors, such as printing and writing paper, we provide highly competitive offerings by utilizing our mills and production facilities efficiently. We've been papermakers for over 450 years. And counting.