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LIP Paper
Governments in an increasing number of countries have set safety performance standards on cigarettes in order to reduce the likelihood of fire. As a result, cigarette manufacturers' demand for papers for Lower Ignition Propensity (LIP) cigarettes is growing. Our innovative LIP papers represent a step forward in helping them gain compliance without compromising the important product attributes their customers prefer. We are the world's leading producer of commercially proven cigarette paper for LIP cigarettes and already hold 59 patents covering all major components of LIP paper production-with many more pending. Our Alginex® water-based technology and starch-based GlucigenTM product deliver solutions and flexibilty to meet a wide range of design needs.

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We're leading the way on LIP innovation.

To address the LIP challenge we formed our "Center For Excellence," an entire facility in the U.S. dedicated to the development, production and testing of papers for LIP compliance. Among its initial accomplishments is Alginex® water-based technology, the kind of industry-leading, no-compromise innovation that cigarette designers have been asking for.

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