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We live in a world of great expectations coupled with a growing awareness of its limitations and our responsibilities. At SWM, we see these challenges as immense opportunities. We believe sustainable development is a good business practice and that we have a duty to protect the environment. So we are putting our best minds to work in utilizing resources more wisely, changing the way we, our customers and our partners work. Our goal is to lead the way in establishing responsible industry practices for ourselves and our communities, wherever they may be.

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Commitment to Sustainability

SWM is committed to the principles of sustainable development. We recognize that sustainability is a continuing journey, focused on long-term objectives, short-term goals, and measurable parameters of success. It is a journey we began many years ago and is in keeping with our core values and part of our Brand Promise. We continue to invest in sustainability across all our operating units, minimizing our use of non-renewable resources and the impacts on our environment as we seek to become a sustainability leader within our industry.

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